Bethany Bomberger & Ryan Scott Bomberger

BETHANY BOMBERGER, Executive Director

For more than a decade Bethany has been an educator – encouraging and empowering others to pursue their life goals. She has spent years teaching in the classroom, coordinating educational programs and working with thousands of children, youth, and adults of all ages. Bethany’s experiences have led her to love and appreciate the uniqueness each individual holds…READ ENTIRE BIO

RYAN SCOTT BOMBERGER, Chief Creative Officer

Ryan has a unique perspective on the innate nature of Purpose.  His biological mother was raped yet went through 9 months of a traumatic pregnancy, choosing to give him Life. He was adopted at 6 weeks of age and grew up in a loving, multi-racial family of 15, which gave him a great appreciation for diversity.  Ten of the thirteen children were adopted in his family… READ ENTIRE BIO

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