Critical Race Theory is a cancer. We are soon launching a national initiative that be a counterpunch to a worldview that is hostile to Scripture and encourages us to be emotionally hostile to one another. We are called to love. We are called to seek the truth. Justice isn’t possible without either pursuit. Here is some of the content that we have created recently to counter the destructive and racist “anti-racism” narrative.

Lecrae, Progressive Politics and Double-Minded Artistry

Music artistry reaches people in ways that other forms of expression cannot. It’s why Christian artists who have a national platform have both opportunity and an incredible responsibility. Today’s social media makes everything public. I find it funny when those employing it complain about unwanted responses. It’s a two-way street. Social media amplifies your voice […]

The Pro-life Republican President Who Made Women’s History Month Possible

Women’s History Month. I’m all for it. We should celebrate anyone (like these fearless women) who has helped to positively shape the greatest nation on earth. And yes, my American exceptionalism bias will always show. Of course, in this day in age, it’s gotten a bit murky since anyone, apparently, can be a woman. Perhaps the historical […]

Erasing Black Lives From History

This article was originally published in 2019. It has been updated for 2021. Many Americans heard the cheers of pro-abortion New York Democrats after they passed the extreme abortion bill, the Reproductive Health Act. Now the state’s laws mirror those of China and North Korea. Abortion is legal in New York for any reason and […]


What do you do when you want someone to think they’re getting a different product or service (even though it’s the same thing)? You rebrand it. For mainstream media, it’s calling something a fact-check. And it’s increasingly used to pretend their lies are still true. That’s exactly what PolitiFact did in its effort to compare […]

A Letter to My Dad–An Adoptive Father of Thirteen

Dear Dad, You rescued me. Before I was even born, you chose me through adoption. Before you even saw me, your heart opened to me as your son—a child conceived in the violence of rape. You didn’t reject me because of how I came to be. You cared about who I was meant to be. You loved […]

Sorry Reverend Raphael Warnock. You Can’t Serve God and Planned Parenthood.

Tired of fake Christian Pastors? So am I. I’m particularly put off by those who run for office in the U.S. Congress dressed in sheep’s clothing but are really just wolves.  It’s almost comical when those who regularly spew disdain toward people of faith (more specifically, people of Christian faith) fully embrace so-called Christian pastors […]


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LGBTV – The ‘V’ is for Victimhood

There is no other movement in America like the acronym-that-knows-no-bounds movement: LGBTQGNC et al. It’s simultaneously one of the most powerful and most victimized (at least, according to its own PR). If you have to pull a Jussie Smollett and fake a hate crime, are you really that victimized? I hate violence. I love people. [...]

Remember When the UN Declared the Unborn Should be Protected?

I do. Well, I wasn’t around then, but I teach about this shocking truth in many of my speaking events, especially in colleges and universities. Typically mouths drop and eyes widen. The self-proclaimed social justice warriors tend to shake their heads in angered disbelief. But it’s true and, literally, documented. It was 1959 when the […]

Adopted and Loved – Celebrate National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. But what is adoption? We often hear about it, particularly as one of two alternatives to the injustice of abortion. Millions of us are the recipients of this incredible gift, where our birthparent(s) turned the unplanned into a loving plan. Yet, there are still so many misconceptions about it. I […]

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