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 We love creatively illuminating that every human life has purpose. We’ll never stop finding new and bold ways to fight for human dignity. From creative ad campaigns/messaging and powerful multimedia talks to fearless journalism and compassionate community outreaches, we are passionate about addressing culture-shaping issues from a factivist and faith-based perspective. Your tax-deductible donations make all of our work possible (see below for some examples).

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We’re excited to launch new billboard/social media campaigns in the Fall of 2021. Our first campaign will be #ABORTROE. Short. Powerful. And to the point. That’s our goal. Nothing to hide. Nothing to debate. We want to abolish Roe v. Wade. Your tax-deductible support will make this large-scale campaign possible. In October the Supreme Court will hear the historic Dobbs v. Jackson case from Mississippi that bans abortions after 15 weeks. The goal of the bill, of course, is to overturn Roe v. Wade. Please click here to donate.

Speaking Events Coast to Coast (and Abroad)

Every year we keynote over 60 events (in-person and virtual) including conferences, colleges, middle/high schools, churches, fundraising banquets and virtual events! Over the years, our campus presentations have always caused a stir: from Harvard to Penn State University, Columbia Law School to University of Notre Dame, we’ve been able to reach thousands of college students with a truthful perspective they don’t get on campus. Your gifts help us create the original content for all of these highly-praised multimedia talks and help financially cover events where student groups don’t have the needed funding.

Our Life Has Purpose podcast has reached thousands!

Our new podcast, Life Has Purpose, tackles culture-shaping issues from a faith-based perspective. We have fun doing it. The shows dig deep into topics like abortion, adoption, racism, critical race theory, school choice, fatherhood, motherhood, a Biblical worldview, fake feminism, free speech and the increasing War on Kids. Listen, subscribe and download on every major podcast platform or visit LifeHasPurpose.com.

Our Pro-Life Kids! Initiative

Our ProLifeKids.com initiative is shifting culture! Now, to accompany our ground-breaking PRO-LIFE KIDS! illlustrated children’s book, we’ve just released a new PRO-LIFE KIDS! Coloring & Activity book. Your support will help us grow this initiative. We have to teach our young children before a broken world reaches them!

Fearless Factivism

Less activism. More Factivism. That’s our passion when it comes to what’s going on in the culture. We spend hundreds of hours of research each year in order to help bring context and clarity to today’s issues. Inspired by abolitionist and human rights champion, Frederick Douglass, our OpEds and weekly columns are our North Star. Published regularly by Townhall, Life News, and The Christian Post, we produce articles that are fearless, factual and freeing.

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