Racism is evil. It’s a sin. We hate racism. We hate when it’s used to bludgeon people physically. And we hate when it’s used, falsely, to bludgeon people politically.

Every life unjustly killed, for any reason, deserves justice. But there can be no justice without truth.

The entire concept of race has always been a destructive construct. We are one human race. Period.

#BlackLivesMatter is more than just a concept. A concept is an abstract idea or notion. It’s no longer a concept when it’s acted upon in protests, violent riots and racist rhetoric in burning cities across the nation. The Radiance Foundation does not support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the first article below, explains fully why we will never support it.

Here are articles, memes and videos about racism and/or the #BLM movement. The pro-abortion #BlackLivesMatter movement forces the question: which black lives matter? What about the black lives killed during these “protests”? What about black women killed by abortionists? What about the most marginalized and defenseless black lives killed hundreds of times a day–the unborn?

We’re factivists. So in every article we provide links to every statistic, historical document, and other vital information so you can be well-informed.

There’s not my truth, your truth or our truth. There’s just the truth. May we all be set free by it.

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Civil Rights Gone Wrong

Racism is Sin

Montgomery, AL Speech

One Human Race

Common Hypocrisy

Leading Killer of Black Lives



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