The Media, the Power of One, and the Pro-Life Community

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The mainstream media is exceptionally deceptive in providing the viewer a glimpse of the narrative they want you to see. It’s like looking into binoculars and focusing in on one area while completely missing the beautiful panoramic scene beyond your focus. The pro-life community is often fixed into a specific narrative by various media outlets. What they don’t want you to see is a community of people made up of different faiths, cultures, nationalities, and a common purpose in creating a culture that embraces life.

March for Life 2017

The march is FULL of youth who want to see abortion abolished.

Last Friday was the 44th Annual March for Life. I was there walking among hundreds of thousands of people all centered on the common goal of marching against the injustice of abortion. The injustice of the unconstitutional decision of Roe v Wade in 1973, has resulted in the deaths of 58 million Americans. Focus in on that number because mainstream media never does. Instead, the media focuses on angry anti-abortion rhetoric that doesn’t represent the pro-life community as a whole.

The pro-life movement is anti-abortion. Abortion is murder and Roe v Wade made it legal to kill the most innocent among us. In a society that stands for civil rights and equality for all, our country has turned its back on this genocide for forty-four years. But who are these people who march every year? What does the pro-life community really look like?

Three years ago, I started to write about pro-life issues. I became familiar with pro-life organizations. I researched and followed life news. What I found was that even though I had considered myself pro-life, I did not understand the movement. I was focused in on mainstream media’s narrative and did not realize there was such a diverse community standing up for the life of the unborn. Not only diverse, but each group focusing on various ways to achieve the goal of creating a culture of life.

Every year, I am in awe of the different organizations who join the pro-life community. It’s a beautiful panoramic of people from

Board Member Kate Costa featured on PBS NewsHour's rundown of the March for Life.

Board Member Kate Costa featured on PBS NewsHour’s rundown of the March for Life.

all over the country whose goal–whether part-time or full-time–is to not only save the lives of unborn babies but meet the needs of women and men who contemplate abortion as a choice. I have never been a part of a movement so diverse with so many gifts, and talents focused on one common goal. There are faith-based groups, people from both leading political parties (Republican and Democrat), educational and research institutions, secular groups, homes established to provide for pregnant mothers, media and entertainment outlets, adoption agencies, pregnancy care centers, healthcare providers, and the list goes on and on. It’s a holistic approach to a common goal, unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

The marchers that you might have watched (briefly) on your news programs, holding pro-life messages, was just a glimpse of the pro-life community. There is really no way to adequately convey how misinformed I was about those who dedicate themselves to stand for life. They are more than activists who journey once a year to march on Washington to demonstrate against our nation’s fateful decision of Roe v Wade. They are students, priests, politicians, post-abortive mothers and fathers, adoptees, adoptive parents, ex-abortion clinic workers, faith communities, atheists, feminists…The diversity is astounding, and many of them dedicate their lives full-time to save the life of the unborn. These are not once-a-year activists who hold creative pro-life signs. Whether full-time or part-time, they live out their objective to create a culture of life in their communities.

I come away from the March for Life Event every year and realize we are a pro-life generation. Despite how the media spins the narrative of the pro-life movement, it will not change reality. There is a growing culture of diverse people who stand against abortion with compassion, grace, and unity with a common purpose. As a pro-life woman, mom, and writer, I urge those of you who stand for the sanctity of the life of the unborn to adjust your focus. Research and support the many pro-life groups in our country. Volunteer and take a stand in your community using your gifts and talents to create a culture of life. Being pro-life does not necessarily mean you have to be an outspoken activist. But you do have to support the cause for life actively. If you claim to be pro-life, live it out and defend it.

The theme of this year’s March for Life was “the power of one.” It truly is amazing how the power of one multiplies every year and grows into a diverse community. A population of people who prove that every life has purpose both in and out of the womb. They unite every year despite the judicial ruling that they refuse as the definitive answer to abortion.

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