Our society would like to pretend that design in nature is arbitrary and not intentional, especially when it comes to gender. Women and men are different. Very different. And that’s a beautiful thing. We complement each other. We are not interchangeable. “Men By Design” cuts through all of the trendy nonsense and cuts to the heart of what it means to be a MAN:

  • Must be Male
  • Always be Accountable
  • Never Lose Faith

Pope Francis said: “Family is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. It is the leaven of society.” Margaret Sanger said: “The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence in the social order.” She was married multiple times (out of convenience and to fund her Birth Control Crusade) and died miserable, alone, addicted to painkillers, and in obscurity.

We’ll go with the Pope on this one. Fathers matter. Guys matter. And this presentation celebrates the essential nature of men and the pivotal role they play in life.


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