There is no demographic in America more targeted than the black community. The nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, has always focused on the poor black community. They’ve never eliminated poverty, but have helped in what famed voting rights activist, Fannie Lou Hamer, called a “genocide among blacks”. Pro-life Hamer fought against racially targeted birth control and abortion.

Since Planned Parenthood’s founder launched The Negro Project in 1939, the billion-dollar population control chain has employed the tactic of using influential black Americans to persuade the black community to embrace birth control and abortion-on-demand. Today, more black babies are aborted than born alive in the city where Planned Parenthood began–NYC.

This is by design. History matters. “Black & Beautiful” is a multimedia presentation that discusses:

  • Defining Eugenics: From Slavery to Big Abortion’s Plantation
  • Roe v. Wade and The Perversion of the 14th Amendment
  • Black and Unwanted: the Statistics
  • Black Genocide and the Black Leaders Who Support It
  • Gosnell and the Silence of the Racialists
  • The Marketing of Abortion in the Black Community
  • Black Media’s Partnership with Planned Parenthood
  • Abortion, Poverty, and the Vanishing Family
  • How Provoked a Billion-dollar Giant
  • When only some #BlackLivesMatter
  • Reproductive Justice: Abortion as a Civil Right
  • Redemptive Justice: Reclaiming the Narrative
  • Being Creative: Messaging Matters
  • Black, White and Pro-life: How We All Play A Role




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