We are a 501c3 life-affirming non-profit organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful multimedia live presentations, fearless journalism and compassionate community outreach, The Radiance Foundation illuminates social issues in the context of God-given purpose. We’ve helped to lead congressional briefings on Capitol Hill addressing abortion, eugenics and adoption. We’ve spoken to thousands of millennials on campuses around the world including Harvard Law School, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Mizzou, Penn State, Eureka College (Ronald Reagan’s alma mater), Georgia State University, Arizona State University, Trinity College (home of world’s oldest Philosophical Society), University of Louisville, USC, University of Idaho and many many more. We’ve helped to raise millions for pregnancy resource centers across the nation. We are passionate about creating content that affirms the dignity of human life and provides answers to the human condition. CLICK HERE to make a one-time, tax-deductible donation to The Radiance Foundation or scroll down to make a generous monthly donation. You can give a gift of $25 or more here and receive a copy of Ryan Bomberger’s powerful book,  NOT EQUAL: Civil Rights Gone Wrong.



The Radiance Foundation is known for its creativity, producing original and fearless content (videos, billboard campaigns, social media memes, factsheets/infographics, websites, and unique multimedia presentations). We create all of this content, in-house, saving our nonprofit hundreds of thousands of dollars. Leaders in the pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty movements have praised the way we creatively illuminate Life issues.


The Radiance Foundation speaks at events around the country, over 50 times a year reaching nearly 100,000 directly and millions through media coverage and social media. With topics like The Beauty of Possibility (Adoption-focused), Planned Propaganda (exposing Planned Parenthood’s corruption), The Social Injustice of Abortion (addressing issues of social justice and how they’re tied to the leading social injustice of our day), Transformed (Personal healing and spiritual transformation), Fatherhood Begins in the Womb (fatherlessness epidemic), Self Control Vs. Remote Control (Character Development), My Reflection and Misdirection (Self-Image), Designed to Create (workshop on using creativity for a cause), Black and Beautiful (exposing the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the leading killer of unarmed black lives)…and many more. The Radiance Foundation has inspired many around the world with our original multimedia presentations that combine powerful personal stories and extensive research.  On college campuses, we are excited to provide lengthy Question & Answer sessions to debunk propaganda and provide excellent resources for students to further pursue the truth.



Our initiative educates the public about the beauty of adoption and captures powerful stories of being adopted and loved. We need to raise money to film more stories that share these moving stories of hope, love and justice. These videos will help inspire more birthparents to turn the unplanned into a loving plan. They will also be made available, for free, to churches to encourage more families to adopt and be the hope.



Our initiative has reached millions through our bold billboard and social media campaigns. We’ve been officially denounced by the ACLU, the NAACP, Planned Parenthood and liberal politicians for daring to declare that #BlackLivesMatter in the womb–long before the hashtag. This initiative was the first public ad campaign to deal with race and abortion and generated the most media coverage of any pro-life billboard campaign. It has even sparked the creation of national pro-abortion collectives (e.g. Trust Black Women Collective) and spurred Planned Parenthood to hold several national conferences to develop strategies to combat our messaging. The nation’s largest abortion chain also created new African-American positions as a result of these campaigns and launched a documentary (we affectionately call a “crockumentary”) called “A Vital Service”. The propaganda piece specifically denounces our campaign and falsely declares that the black community needs abortion. Planned Parenthood is the leading killer of unarmed black lives. We will keep exposing Big Abortion, until it is abolished.



Our outreach celebrates birthmoms who choose adoption over abortion. Our unique Sally’s Lambs gift baskets are great ways to show these moms love. Birthmoms who choose adoption typically don’t leave the hospital with the baby, but they don’t have to leave empty-hearted. This is why Sally’s Lambs wants to show them how much they are cherished. We also want to build a fund that will help defray living and educational expenses for young women facing unexpected pregnancies who choose life over abortion.

You can partner with us in helping others to shine by supporting our work with your generous tax-deductible gift. As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, we will use your financial support to carry our life-affirming message to the masses. You can donate online or mail your gift. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your support and believing in what we do!

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